Who we are

Face by Rebecca was founded by Rebecca Altomonte, one of Australia’s leading experts in facial aesthetics and cosmetic injectables and the developer of the county’s first postgraduate diploma. Rebecca continues to be a clinical trainer for Galderma, instructing leading doctors in the industry.

The vision for Face by Rebecca was simple – reveal each client’s inner beauty in the most natural and caring way possible.

Rebecca is a staunch advocate against over treatment. This is why Face by Rebecca doesn’t offer package “deals”, instead operating under a “charge per unit” model that delivers cost effective individually curated treatment plans.   The team at Face by Rebecca have all been personally trained and mentored by Rebecca, who still actively works with clients on a day to day basis.

What we do

Far from being subjective as many people think, beauty has its basis in science and in particular, the laws of symmetry.

We use what’s known as “The Golden Ratio” in the form of the Marquardt Beauty Mask to first determine possible improvements to facial symmetry, then we consider treatments that could improve skin tone and texture.

After a thorough evaluation, the highly experienced team at Face by Rebecca will provide you with our recommended treatment plan and discuss the best way in which we can help you reveal your inner beauty.

Why we do it

In an age where we are more visible than ever before, whether it’s on video calls, photos, social media or face to face, our appearance matters.

Far from buying into the “plastic fantastic” where natural beauty is increasingly replaced with obviously altered features, the expert team at Face by Rebecca will help you reveal your inner beauty. Our goal is for people to say “you look great”, not “have you had work done?”